In The Spotlight: Vector Pole

Nothing is simple about this lamp

Magnitude and direction. A powerful light source and continuously adjustable lamp determine the character of this luminaire, available in three heights.

Our Vector fixture is also widely applicable as a wall lamp and ceiling lamp. The design of this adjustable lamp is by Michiel Cornelissen. An industrial designer who’s always searching for an element of innovation and surprise in his designs. The combination of extreme simplicity with a beautifully unique character makes for a surprising concept.

Dexter Lighting completed several projects with Vector Pole in gardens, semi-public spaces, and hotels. We made this fixture ready for dimming and we added new sizes for this product. Vector Pole is now available in 3 standard heights: 200cm, 250cm, and 300cm.

Interested? Visit our website for more information on the Vector Pole.


Innovative and efficient lighting

All of our fixtures are functional, energy-efficient, and sustainable. Distinguished by a robust yet refined appearance, the combination of our designs and their technology produces extraordinary lighting effects and the perfect ambiance. The ultimate light experience!

Quality and craftsmanship

Our clients are architects, designers, landscapers, and importers who, just like us, represent quality and craftsmanship. Everything comes together in (international) projects; in small and large outdoor spaces, gardens and terraces, offices, and the retail and hospitality industries. We use our expertise, knowledge, and experience in partnering up with you to come up with surprising solutions that shed new light on the desired result. We love the magic of good lighting!

We design, develop and produce all of its fixtures in our workshop. It was a conscious decision to locate our workshop in the bustling city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is known for its courage, perseverance, and drive. It’s great to be a part of that with our focus on new developments, technologies, and sustainability.


New fixtures

We are currently developing several new fixtures to expand our range. We are adding new possibilities and innovations. Stay informed and follow Dexter Lighting closely, by subscribing to our newsletter or by visiting our website:

Contact us for advice and for the endless possibilities of our fixtures. Dexter Lighting is happy to assist, making your lighting project a bright success.

(Photography by Roza Schous)

Published on February 14, 2022

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