Fisktorget square

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Location: Karlskrona / Sweden / Type: Squares and Plazas / Waterfronts / Built: 2012 /
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Thorbjörn Andersson: Karlskrona is an old town, located in southern Sweden and founded by king Carolus XI in the 17th century. It sits on islands and is surrounded by a rich archipelago. This was also once the reason to place this naval city here. Karlskrona literally means “Crown of Carolus” and used to be Sweden´s most important marine base. It is today listed as a World Unesco Heritage site. Fisktorget was once a market place for selling fish. Today it is more of a recreational space, with splendid views over a bay, surrounded by the city, and also the departure point for boats going around in the archipelago.

The project is right at the edge of the water and is designed as one part of granite and another part of wood. These two are laid out as an L-shape along the quay. The wooden part is a sun deck with places for seating and sun-basking. The granite part is also the entry plaza to a hotel, with a front row of trees (Acer ginnala) and a wide staircase leading down to a slightly lower level. Centrally positioned at the edge of the wooden deck is a sculpture in black granite and glass by artist Pål Svensson, named “Doldrum”. The aim of the project has been to improve the social capacity of a previous neglected place. Today it is a popular spot for gazing at the sea, meeting people, watching birds, or bringing a pick nick blanket. The project has been important to the city of Karlskrona because it takes public life all the way down to the water.

Project name: Fisktorget square
Project Location: Karlskrona, Sweden
Client: City of Karlskrona
Landscape architect: Thorbjörn Andersson with Sweco architects
Design Team: PeGe Hillinge, Andreas Johansson, Alexander Cederroth (illumination).
Area: 1000 sq m
Opening: 2012

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