Due to extreme weather conditions and the extensive urban soil sealing, a rethinking of public infrastructure planning and city design is necessary. COBEFA places great emphasis on sustainability and demonstrates this with Deer’s grass pavers: stylish ground desalination with unlimited possibilities for variation.

As a renowned concrete manufacturer, we offer grass pavers in 4 unique and patented patterns with robust reinforcement. This means that every concept has a suitable design for you to combine and create to your heart’s content. The perfect way to harmoniously unite functionality (increased water permeability) with aesthetics (timeless patterns).


We are known as an innovative SME that constantly seeks to evolve in terms of knowledge, quality, and product range. The development of concrete grass pavers is an obvious extension of our expertise. Our special focus is on the development of products with minimal impact on people, the environment, and society. Our tireless pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions is also evident in our new Deer product range.

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