“De Deeltuin” in Utrecht is a shared green oasis surrounded by personalized facades. The sharing economy is used as the main carrier of the plan for de Deeltuin.

The street scene is varied with stately mansions and sturdy brick architecture. But the real surprise of “Shared Garden” is inside. The inner garden is partly collective and partly private, separated by a deck path and a sitting edge.

A smart semi-sunken parking variant creates maximum landscape quality in the inner area, and the transition between public street and private home is made self-evident. Each house also has its own garden, green terrace at height and green wall.

Sustainability is an integral part of all processes and decisions. It is about energy, water and the use of materials, but also about social involvement. Smart reuse, built-in flexibility and a healthy living and living climate, in which quality is invested in energy and future value of the buildings and areas to be developed.

The courtyard area has taken shape and function in a co-design process of the inhabitants led by DELVA. Creating the neighbourhood together leads to proud residents and a popular, sustainable and future-proof living environment.

3 atmospheres were created within the partial garden: The sunbathing area – an undulating grassy area where a ball can be kicked with the neighbours. The Vegetable Garden – with a greenhouse with herbs and vegetables for the kitchen. And the playground – with a crooked tree to climb.

Collective green rooms as a place of rest, gathering, gardening and playing

“De Deeltuin” is the result of well-considered positioning of the necessary parking spaces. These are slid halfway under the townhouses. An interesting architectural configuration emerges towards the Sartreweg, while paved plains disappear within the building block. This freedom forms the basis for creating a green undulating oasis. An enclosed place with slopes in the ground level, where trees are in the open ground and where there is room for collective green rooms. A place of rest, gathering, gardening and playing.

The flat roofs are green roofs. As a result, they not only buffer a lot of water but also slow down and reduce the discharge. Water collected from various roofs is stored in rain barrels and then used in the private garden and in the shared gardens.

Within the presented landscape design we propose three atmospheres, as a result of the survey of future residents. Atmosphere type 1: The sunbathing area – an undulating grassy area in the sun where residents can kick a ball with their neighbours. Atmosphere type 2: The vegetable garden – with an iconic greenhouse where the herbs and some vegetables come from for the kitchen. Atmosphere type 3: The playground – with a crooked tree to climb in or to build a camp and swing on. These three spheres together always form a whole, framed by the path with the long bench.


Landscape Architecture: Delva

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Heren 5 Architecten en ERA Contour

Project location: Veemarkt, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2019

Metalco ArchInteligence

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