The landscape park ‘De Turfweide’ in Veenendaal is conceived as a landscape artwork or ‘land art’ project. The unique location, at the military complex of the Roode Haan and the defensive belt ‘Grebbelinie’, was used to strengthen the touristic and recreational potential of the site.

The design is conceptualized as a contemporary representation of the historical turf landscape with turf ditches and repel plots. This results in a powerful image that reveals the identity and history of Veenendaal. In addition, the design creates space for further water buffering and the wet and dry grasslands attract a multitude of plant and animal species. In this way, the design not only gains historical value but also a meaning in light of future challenges such as the Loss of Biodiversity and Climate Change. The artwork is therefore permanently developing. Visitors will have a ‘unique view’ of the landscape monument from the Slaperdijk, where a walkway will be expanded as a promenade. A look-out hut will also be placed centrally in the area, a reference to the old stacked ‘turf mountains.’ From the hut, the designers intend to offer visitors a unique view of the turf meadow.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture:  OMGEVING

LOCATION Veenendaal the Netherlands
CLIENT Stichting Turfweide Veenendaal
STATUS completed
PERIOD 2019 – 2022
SURFACE 22.00 m2
NOMINATION first prize international competition

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