Dalsnibba Skywalk

Østengen & Bergo Landscape Architects: Dalsnibba is a mountain in  Møre og Romsdal county, Norway, approximately 1500 meters above sea level. It is located at the end of the Geiranger valley, about 21 kilometres south of the village of Geiranger and the tourist highlight Geirangerfjorden. Dalsnibba has for many years in summertime been accessible with car to the top, and offers a magnificent view of the fjord. The increase of visitors has arisen over the years and it was a need for expanded parking facilities, to restore the old path to the top, and to create a more spectacular viewing platform. All within the limits of the existing conservation requirements for Dalsnibba and the landscape around. The terrain is steep, and it was almost impossible to walk outside the old platform. Our project had great emphasis on finding a balance between the existing qualities of the landscape, the traces of abandoned pathways and acting within the area’s conservation requirements. It has been important to preserve the nature surfaces and the vulnerable artic vegetation and interact the constructions to the mountain formations. The color scheme is carefully adapted to the environment.



The new parking spaces are carefully fit in between the rocks, and built up on local stone walls, with direct access to the restored pathway. The trail is based on the traces of the old path and smoothly winds up to the top. The railing is designed so that the trail is evident and arouse interest. The platform give you a clear drop of approx. 500 m beneath your feet, you can enjoy magnificent views of Geiranger and the fjord below, as well as across to the mountains and Blåbreen glacier. The new platform, the “Skywalk”, is cantilevered outside the old platform and leads through a stair down to meet the trail to the ancient pathway. The rail and the materials make a red line through the project. Glass railing and metal grate on platform provides spectacular views of both the surrounding landscape and the rocks below.


Landscape architect: Østengen & Bergo Landscape Architects
Location: Stranda, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Client: Geiranger skysslag
Engineer and construction manager: ART arkitekter og ingeniører
Contractor: Eide og Frilund AS, Christie & Opsahl AS, Sherpas from Nepal
Type of project: Touristic viewpoint, trails, pathways and parking
Area: 7,82 hectares
Cost: Approx. 13mill NOK
Realization: 2016
Image credits:, Geiranger skysslag (GS) , 360AirCam_Arild Solberg (AS), where not specified credit Østengen&Bergo (ØB).


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