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Location: Vietnam / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Built: 2023 /
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CP Vietnam Head Office landscaping project is a dynamic and versatile extension of the office environment. Situated in Dong Nai, an industrial zone characterized by rapid development, the project addresses significant challenges related to environmental sustainability and quality of life.

Therefore, the landscape design aims to mitigate the impact of the surroundings while providing ample and high-quality outdoor spaces for the new, larger building that encourages workers to relax, socialize, connect with nature, and feel better at work, thereby enhancing their daily experiences.

To achieve these goals, we have prioritized preserving mature trees and other existing elements, such as a central koi fish pond as part of the office traditions. The koi fish, often associated with good fortune and perseverance in Asia, serve as a focal point for annual community gatherings, fostering a sense of harmony among employees. These gatherings often involve employees and guests feeding the koi fish, which helps to strengthen community bonds and promote a peaceful work environment.

Additionally, we have significantly improved the existing ecosystem by using native plants and adaptive species to ensure resilience and minimal maintenance, while also inviting new wildlife, including birds. This enhances the outdoor spaces by providing optimal thermal comfort and enjoyment, which is crucial in a region where high temperatures and humidity can affect outdoor usability.

The landscape continuity is visible from most points within the building, offering amenities for different times of the day—from a park that provides shelter during the warmest hours to a rooftop area where colleagues can enjoy the sunset. The design aims to establish a connection between the built environment and the natural surroundings, creating a landscape transition from the more urban and solid structure of the building to the more permeable from the nature park from east to the west of the site.
The project is divided into three distinct zones: a nature park, a transition retreat space for work breaks, and a public space in the green diagonal spine embedded in the building climbing from the ground floor, all the way up to the rooftop. These areas accommodate a sequence of informal gatherings, meals, game areas, meeting lounges, BBQ yards, intimate seating spaces, and even an outdoor cinema.

The nature park features a loop for walking, relaxing, and exercising. Customized hammocks, rooted in the regional culture, are strategically placed along the loop. As a transition, the retreat space includes a grandstand that offers the proper space for informal gatherings and meetings. The koi fish pond, a central feature of this space, creates a serene environment that enhances the overall ambiance. Shaded areas under the canopy provide cool, comfortable spots for relaxation and socialization. Finally, the diagonal public space connects the ground floor arrival plaza with the rooftop. It is worth mentioning, that the arrival plaza is provided with movable benches and planters. This was thoughtfully designed to adapt to various needs, creating a versatile space for both casual interactions and more structured events. The rooftop area offers spaces for events, edible community gardens, and an afterwork sunset deck.

Overall, CP Vietnam Head Office landscaping project demonstrates a thoughtful and innovative approach to landscape design. By addressing the specific challenges of the site and creating a variety of outdoor spaces that promote wellness and community engagement, creating a new set of standard for sustainable and functional office environments.

Project Data

Landscape architecture: LJ-Group

Other designers involved in the design of landscape:

Client: CP Group
Architect: mh architects
Interior Design: mh architects
Lighting Design: ASA studios

Project location: Đồng Nai, Vietnam

Year completed: 2023

Photo credits: Trieu Chien

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