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Courtyard in Classensgade

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Location: Copenhagen / Denmark / Type: Atriums / Built: 2010 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on September 26, 2011

1:1 landskab: A beautiful tile paving has replaced the dented asphalt and a worn rear building has been demolished to make room for a miniature football field. The idea consists of creating an intimate outdoor space which works as a social gathering point for the residents, but at the same time can be enjoyed as an aesthetic element from the kitchen window, where the “carpet” gives the viewer an entirely different visual experience. The carpet was chosen as a motive because it gives a personal expression and signal homely values and cosiness. The inspiration to the patterns came from the many carvings and ornaments at the facades in Østerbro, but has been carefully customized so it has its own unique identity.

Courtyard with a south European atmosphere. In 2010 the courtyard in Classensgade 27 at Østerbro in Copenhagen was completely renovated. The courtyard was designed by 1:1 landscape architects, also located in Copenhagen.

The many climbing plants, the flower pots and the adoring fountain create an almost south European atmosphere. The “tile carpet” unites the surrounding buildings around the common space and gives the courtyard its own unique identity and a feeling of ownership. In the summertime the courtyard almost become an extension of the resident’s private living room.

Landscape Architecture: 1:1 landskab
Name of the project: Courtyard in Classensgade
Location: Classensgade 27, Copenhagen, Denmark
Designer(s): 1:1 Landskab
Commissioned by: AB Store Classenshus
Area: 400 m2
Design: 2009-2010
Implementation: 2010
Contact person: Jacob Kamp
Photo credit: Anders Sune Berg

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