Courtyard Garden at Bernhard Bangs Allé

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Location: Copenhagen / Denmark / Type: Residential Parks / Built: 2020 /
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Bernhard Bangs Allé 17 in Frederiksberg features 46 residential units spread across 3 buildings. The complex boasts a spacious underground parking facility and communal gardens on top of the parking deck, and a staircase in the middle of the courtyard provides access between the two levels.

MASU Planning has designed a stunning courtyard with multiple pockets for leisure activities to make the most of the long, narrow, shaded space left for the gardens.
Furthermore, we thoughtfully positioned each seating area to bask in the sunlight, enabling residents to make the most of the courtyard throughout the day. As a result, we placed a long wooden bench against the warm wall, creating a sunny corner along the adjacent facade.

As you stroll through the cosy courtyard, a tile-paved path winds through the narrow space. The warm yellow and grey tones of the high-quality brick-paved walkway lead to the entrances and the various intimate areas encircled by perennial plantings. Rich planting beds along the facades and the courtyard’s centre create a lush atmosphere and exciting space sequences. The planting primarily comprises perennial grasses, with sprinkles of flowering perennials, ensuring a seasonal variation in the courtyard and resulting in diverse textures and sensory impressions throughout the year.

Furthermore, the nearby building facade holds birdhouses and climbing plants. As time passes, the vegetation will grow and enhance the overall greenery of the area, creating a more prosperous and vibrant environment.

In its entirety, the courtyard exemplifies thoughtful design, functionality, and a commitment to creating a harmonious living space.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: MASU Planning

Other companies involved in the project: Formdanmark Architects (Architects)

Client: Per Thormann A/S

Project location: Frederiksberg, Denmark

Year completed: 2020

Photo credits: Kirstine Autzen & MASU Planning

Manufacturer: Brick pavement is from Steffen Sten

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