Copenhagen Harbour Bath

Location: Copenhagen / Denmark / Type: Baths / Waterfronts / Built: 2003 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on September 1, 2010

JDS: If you walk across Langebro on a sunny Saturday afternoon in summer, you’ll see a very peculiar sight when looking down at the old industrial area on Islands Brygge. Hundreds of people dressed in swimwear are walking, standing, sunbathing and smiling about as if they were on a sandy beach far from the metropolis. In 2002 the Harbour Bath was opened as part of the Havneparken. In no time it developed into a unique oasis right in the middle of Copenhagen. People instantly loved it. City harbours are usually not associated with fresh swimming water. Old swimming baths at Langebro closed down in 1953 because of poor water quality. Bathing is now without health risks thanks to the improved water quality. With 42 km of wharf in the harbour the city’s revitalization “Blue Plan” is working on making room for houseboats, promenades, water sports, recreation areas and playgrounds in the entire harbour space. Copenhageners now pack towels and swimwear in their briefcases. They might fancy a swim.

Architects: PLOT = BIG + JDS
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Area: 2,500 m²
Project year: 2003
Budget: US $787,000

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  1. Bengt Ydenius says:

    What contractor made the pool?

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