Contextual Minimalism

As you may remember, COEN+PARTNERS won LILA 2018 in garden category. Their winning submission, Lake Marion Residence is one of the crown jewels in their portfolio. Shane Coen and his team practice a restrained approach that they call Contextual Minimalism.

Although the category of posh gardens is usually not our first focus at Landezine, Coen+Partners manage to put it there due to the play and with the way how their works are often modest and generous at the same time. It is truly contextual minimalism, the projects often invite the surroundings into the view through a minimalistic frame or by some means of abstraction. Jackson Meadow is one of their most significant works, and a very appropriate project to open this book.

Coen+Partners did find an approach that bases on the good old craftsmanship but at the same time goes beyond and uncovers little sources of joy and astonishment in place you wouldn’t expect, for example Warroad border crossing, as also Mikyoung Kim emphasises in the foreword.

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Published on November 22, 2019

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