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Location: Lund / Sweden / Type: Squares and Plazas / Built: 2020 /
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Lush treetops, playful art and colourful Art Nouveau pavilions characterise the new Clemenstorget square in Lund. The design of the square promotes life, human encounters and movement as it now, with the tram stop in the city centre, become one of the city’s most important hubs.

When it became clear that one of the stops for Lund’s new tramway would be located on Clemenstorget, the municipality organized an architectural competition with the aim of developing the square and making it more open and welcoming. In 2014, we won the architectural competition with the contribution “Kontrapunkter”.

Art Nouveau architecture and the adjacent houses from the late 19th century have inspired the design of the new square. Seating and standing tables create space for socialising, spontaneous meetings and rest. Obstructive hedges, fixed aisles and retaining walls have been removed in order to make the square more transparent and make it easier for people to move freely across it. The open spaces mean that accessibility increases, and that market shops, outdoor terraces and park furniture have more space than before.

Vegetation is preserved

Shape-cut winds and platans characterise Clemenstorget. The trees still have a prominent role and the ambition has been to save as many as possible. The 17 trees that stood in the tram route have been replanted in the city’s new district, Brunnshög. The remaining 81 trees create a lush breathing space, in the middle of the city.


Dolomite gravel mixed with pumice covers the centre of the square and lets water and oxygen through to the roots of the trees. Light grey granite slabs, which continue in recycled, sanded pebbles, dress the ground at the stop. Tactile plates in rust-coloured cortén steel help people with reduced vision to orient themselves.

Art and play pavilions

The light play through the treetops has inspired artist Ebba Matz, who designed the lace roofs leading into the stop. The lace roofs create a shadow play on the ground and light up the square when it is dark, which both creates a beautiful and safe environment. Three wooden and metal play pavilions, inspired by the towers of neighbouring houses, are on site to encourage the square’s youngest visitors to play.

More news awaits

In connection with the redevelopment of Lund Central Station, the remaining parts of Clemenstorget will be renewed. Water games, a bar with drinking water fountains and additional furniture will be installed.


Landscape Architecture: White Arkitekter

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Lund municipality, Art: Ebba Matz
Construction: Cowi & Kreera.

Project location: Clemenstorget, Lund, Sweden

Design year: 2014-2020

Year Built: 2020

Manufacturer of urban equipment: Fermob, Streetlife

Photografer: Johan Bävman

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