Chiayi Art Museum 

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Location: Taiwan / Type: Atriums / Corporate/Company Garden / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2020 /
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Mass production, as well as mass consumption, have come to an end at the end of the 20th century. People suddenly realize a city is still the aggregate of the buildings and context at different times. Old buildings especially have historical value and importance.

Since the “Government Art Exhibition” was first held in Chiayi in 1938, Chiayi has been known as the city of Paintings. Chiayi Art Museum, the renovation of the building of a Branch of the Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, plays a role to restore the reputation of an art city. Based on creating an art city landscape, they replanned the traffic flow and connection with the square to present a people-oriented art space.

They deconstructed and reconstructed the exhibition space and streets layout. For example, the display of works or performance is allowed to take place in the courtyard and the space by the busy road is used for holding art and cultural activities. The aim is to create an indicative area for cultural exhibitions by involving surrounding spaces and connecting to the public transportation system.

The square of the Chiayi Art Museum is like the living room of the city. The trees with drooping branches are arranged well to provide a space for leisure and a good traffic pattern, serving as an important connection between the exterior and interior of the museum. The beech square reveals the spatial capacity as well as makes a metaphor for the subjectivity of the entrance. At night, the native plants, along with tall maple trees sway in the wind and cast leaf shadows on the ground, telling the story and transformation of art development in Chiayi. The building formerly known as the Branch of the Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation continues plays an important role in cultural inheritance.

Landscape Architecture: Motif

Client: Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City Government

Architect: StudioBase Architects, M.H. Wang Architects and Associates

Photography: Zhu Yi-wen

Project Location: Chiayi City, Taiwan

Design year: 2014/12-2018/03

Year Built: 2020

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