Cessinger Park

Förder Landschaftsarchitekten: The district of Cessingen is located southwest of Luxembourg City. It is a residential neighbourhood, which is surrounded by rural areas. Due to the implementation of a new masterplan for the entire area, developments with a high density have been planned for the above mentioned part of the city. The realization was structured into three construction phases. The first part has been built in 2013.

© Förder Landschaftsarchitekten

In response to the named high density, a certain amount of green areas had to be considered. Therefore the landscape design concept developed a park along the brook called „Zéisséngerbaach“, which flows through the district of Cessingen. Some parts of the waterfront have been left naturally, while others received a hard waterfront or have been channalized. The park along the stream offers a high amount of open space- and recreational facilities inside of an ecological well preserved area.


Open Space Concept

The Open Space Concept basis on the following three design elements: „Natural Belt“, „Urban Belt“ and „Particular Spots“. The Natural Belt is designed along the above mentioned ‚ Zéisséngerbaach ‘. Some parts are left naturally, while others were ecologically improved. The park integrates existing topographic circumstances and is designed as a wetland with lush and wide meadows.

In contrast to the Natural Belt, the Urban Belt is designed as a modern, ‘State of the Art‘-Park. It’s geometrical shapes orientate on the new built architecture within the surrounding. It includes important functions such as footpath connections and playgrounds. The so called „Particular Spots“ are located at crossroads where Natural Belt meets Urban Belt. They are located at important points within the urban context, e.g. at the district centre.

Cessinger Park First Construction Phase: „Brill“, „Gründgen I“ and existing park

The above mentioned design concept was realized within the first construction phase. Other parts will be build successively together with the following construction phases for the urban development. Within the Natural Belt a large amount of existing trees have been integrated into the design. Along the waterfront of „Zéisséngerbaach“ reed and waterside groves have been planted.

Drainage depressions have been established along the brook, to collect stormwater from the surrounding residential areas. From here, stormwater discharges little by little into the stream. The Belt includes several areas that invite visitors to rest along the waterfront. Through bridges visitors are able to cross the creek. To create a recognition value, entrance areas are designed equally. Edges of the park are designed naturally by vegetation. It separates public -from private areas.

The Urban Belt includes a large number of recreational -and sport facilities for all kind of ages. Part of the program are playgrounds, beach volleyball- and street ball courts etc.. Furthermore wide lawns can be used for any undefined, open space activity. All in all the park connects nature with urbanity, plus gives a high recreational value for the inhabitants of the new designed urban development.


Project Name: Cessinger Park
Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Area: 20.000 m² realized, 80.000 m² unrealized
Design Year: 2005 – 2012
Completion Date: 2013
Landscape Design: Förder Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH
Budget: ca. 2.200.000 € realized
Photography: Johannes Zell
Client: Ville de Luxembourg, Direction Énergie – Environnement, Service de la Canalisation

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