Central Green Forest Park

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Location: Beijing / China / Type: Parks / Built: 2020 /
Published on May 31, 2023

From a contaminated industrial estate to a 5.5 sq km oasis of nature in the heart of Beijing, China.

The Central Green Forest Park has been essential to the ecological recovery of a site that was a former chemicals factory. It has fast become one of Beijing’s most popular green spaces, playing host to an array of recreation and education activities.

Designed around the traditional 24-season Chinese lunar calendar, the park’s mosaic of flexible forest rooms emphasise the changing seasons and will change as the park matures over time. From bird watching areas, playgrounds, botanic gardens, sports fields, observation hills and sculpture parks, the patchwork of rooms offers endless recreation possibilities.

The park’s design is based on a winning response to a visionary competition by the Beijing government and the overall design is the result of collaboration between Hassell and a range of partners and consultants. Hassell then went on to complete the delivery of the Autumn and Winter sections of the park.

Phenology – the study of periodic events in biological life cycles – helped guide our approach to planting and creating authentic seasonal journeys for visitors.

For example, the behaviour of various species of birds influenced the planting design for the Minor Cold area – like geese flying north, magpies building nests and ring-necked pheasants beginning to crow.

“Hassell has demonstrated it shares our commitment to delivering high quality design outcomes and has dealt with many challenges such as project complexity, a tight program and demanding requirements.”

Beijing Investment Group

Project Data


CLIENT: Beijing Investment Group
LOCATION: Beijing, China
SCALE: 5.5 sq km
COLLABORATORS: Landscape Architecture Corporation of China
Andrew Wilkinson, Chong Wang, Sean Lin, Andi An, Yue Cao, Yucheng Chen, Yushan Cheng, Haodong Hu, Chris Kelly, Howard Lui, Liam Mouritz, Jordan Soriot, Yiwen Tang, Che Wang, Wei Yuan, Chuhan Zhang, Kairos Zhang, Xiaoli Zhao, Sophie Zhou, Michelle Zhu
PHOTOGRAPHER: Xi Rao and Xuefeng Li

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