Air Castles

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Location: Sweden / Type: Installations / Look-outs / Built: 2001 /
Published on December 26, 2011

GORA art&landscape: Castles in the air are like a cross between a bird’s nest and a power-line pylon. They are nests of utter simplicity and yet, at the same time, a place for dreams, pleasure and the grandiose. Castles in the air offer you an opportunity to rise to another level. They are belvederes of different heights from which you can gaze at the surroundings. To reach them you must move vertically, overcome gravitation and your own inhibitions, exert yourself and show courage. The vertical move is gratifying, it affects your body and your mind markedly and enhances your feeling of presence. Lift yourself above ground level, let go of ground contact, get new prospects and move the horizon further away. You are where the birds are, closer to heaven. It is almost like flying.

Design: GORA art&landscape / Monika Gora
Type of project: Exhibitions follies at a housing expo
Location: Western Harbour, Malmö
Material: straw, steel, wood
Size of platform: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m
Height of each castle: 1.6, 3.4, 5.2, 7.2, 9.4 m
Exhibited: 2001
Exhibition: Housing exhibition ‘Bo01’
Commissioned by: Bo01; Municipality of Malmö
Thatchers: Adam Oms AB
Contractor: Smedjan, Kommunteknik Malmö

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