Carve’s Project Potgieterstraat in the Book “Streets For All – 50 Ideas for Shaping Resilient Cities”

Our 2010 project, “Potgieterstraat” has been included in the book “Streets For All – 50 Ideas for Shaping Resilient Cities” (2022). The book explores the potential of public spaces seen through the lens of different disciplines. It questions the notion of who shapes our streets, for whom they are intended, by what means and to what ends.

Despite its small size, Carve’s project “Potgieterstraat” remains relevant today as an extraordinary example of how to transform a vehicle-dominated street into a child friendly play street.
Our approach, focusing on community involvement through a process of participation, resulted in the creation of a more accessible public space; and eventually, in the affirmation of a local community.
We are proud to see how scholars and professionals around the world continue to acknowledge Potgieterstraat as a valuable and lively piece of the urban landscape.

Streets For All – 50 Ideas for Shaping Resilient Cities, ISBN 978-81-954409-0-0
Vinayak Bharne, Shyam Khnadekar
Potgieterstraat, pp. 85-86, chapter “The Fall and Rise of Streets as Vital Public Spaces for Children” by Dr Sudeshna Chatterjee

Published on February 14, 2023

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