From Asphalt Jungle to New Oasis

Previously, ‘Carl Nielsens Allé’ at Østerbro was a busy parking lot. Today, the place has been transformed into a lush urban space that the residents can enjoy every day. When it rains, the green oasis turns into a beautiful water basin, contributing to the area’s flood protection. The circular edge element surrounding the oasis acts as a waterway, directing rainwater from the Svanemøllehallen roof into the new rainwater basins within the oasis.

In this way, ‘Carl Nielsens Allé’ has become a vibrant urban space that combines urban nature, city life, and climate adaptation in one of Copenhagen’s charming neighbourhoods. The challenges posed by rainwater on Carl Nielsen’s Allé have been turned into an opportunity, and today, rainwater is welcomed and utilized to create recreational blue and green experiences in the area. Flood protection, combined with more space for recreation and relaxation, has long been a fervent desire of the residents.

More Communities in the City

The multifunctional edge element that frames the urban space serves not only as a waterway but also as a barrier against traffic. The urban space invites play and recreation. Children and curious souls can explore the narrow gravel paths, balance on the edge element, or discover the wetlands that offer abundant life and biodiversity. The benches invite relaxation, friendly conversations with neighbours, and a moment of respite in the green surroundings away from the surrounding city. The existing bunkers have been preserved and will continue to serve as music rehearsal spaces for the city’s many bands and social music communities.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: WERK

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Completion Date: 2023
Size: 6,000 m2
Cooperation: Niras A/S
Client: Copenhagen municipality

Photography: Wichmann+Bendtsen Photography

The Streetview may show condition before the intervention

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