Call for Entries: TerraViva Competitions

TerraViva Competitions launches CALL FOR COMPETITIONS, a new contest that aims to challenge our creative community to get involved in the search for unique architecture competition topics. Prizes up to 15.000 € will be awarded to the winners selected by TerraViva founders.


Fostering new concepts and fresh ideas from around the globe, this open call challenges architects, designers and enthusiasts to submit original and unconventional design themes for future competitions. The goal is to directly involve our community of creatives, giving them the chance to become TerraViva ambassadors or – if they wish – even part‐time and full‐time collaborators.

What is this new initiative about? Basically, it requires the proposal of new project subjects that could work as architecture, urbanism or landscape design competitions. We strongly believe in the potential of our supporters and we are certain that the experience of each one could represent a source of infinite inspiration. Today you are not only the protagonist of this call, but you will also have the power to share your own ideas, turning them into unique challenges to face the most relevant urban and architectural matters.

We encourage participants to present interesting and attractive contest themes, based on their own experience, geography and background. Intended to be site‐specific, each tender proposal should take into account the peculiarities of the place, such as the urban context, the natural environment and the local history and culture. Are you ready to be part of the first edition of this new research experience?


The call is free. No registration fee is required to the participants.

Prizes & Mentions

Up to 15.000 €

  • 10 Awards of 1.000 € each
  • 5 Additional Prizes* of 1.000 € each

*5 additional prizes will be awarded only in the event that subsequent proposals that deserve recognition are selected among the winners

Evaluation Criteria

Originality of the design topic

It refers to the uniqueness and novelty of the subject that will be address by the competition proposal. A theme capable of fostering creativity and innovation. It should not be a common or overused case study in architecture contests.

Environmental and social relevance

Architecture competitions have the potential to generate ideas and solutions that contribute positively to both the natural and built environment. The chosen topic should have a clear connection to sustainability, urban regeneration and/or social impact, addressing contemporary issues and challenges related to these fields.

Sensitivity towards the local context

The chosen topic should be sensitive to the local culture, history, climate and context of the site or region where it will be implemented.

Alignment with TerraViva’s values

Proposals should be consistent with the topics addressed on our contests and with the values endorsed through them. This may include promoting sustainability and inclusion in the design field, revalorising the architectural heritage, fostering low‐impact construction, respecting the environment, being attentive to social matters, etc.

Quality of the presented material

Presentations should provide clear and well‐articulated descriptions, objectives and guidelines for the competition topic. This includes detailed background information, accurate graphic and narrative content, as well as effective story‐telling.

Readiness to be a contest

In this requirement what will be considered is the feasibility and readiness of the chosen case study to become a real competition. Well‐structured presentations in terms content, material and potential viability will be highly appreciated.

Requested Material

Competitors have to submit one Pdf Presentation [max. 25 pages] in A4 landscape oriented + a Zip folder containing graphic files.

Published on September 14, 2023

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