Extended Deadline: Call for entries – LAE#7

Landscape Architecture Europe (LAE) carefully reviews all entries, reflects on practice, selects the most timeless and forward-looking projects, and thoughtfully daylights future-oriented discourses. LAE tries to get under the skin of designers and lift their tacit knowledge. LAE pretents to be the most comprehensive review of European landscape architecture – reflective, critical, and inspiring.

Be part of our endeavour to profile landscape architecture as a key profession to counter climate change, ecological disaster and social polarisation! Send in your contribution to tackle the great challenges ahead!

Extended closing date for submissions: 31 May 2023

Hope, reflection, and a lot of creativity is needed to imagine how to best shape European landscapes in times of turmoil: a health crisis came to an end, a military conflict started, climate change goes on. Are there new design approaches to face the facts, new actor constellations to co-create, new grounds for landscape architectural experimentation, new forms of expressing what is moving us?

For the seventh edition of LAE the jury we composed a selection committee of outstanding practitioners from all regions of Europe: Martin Allik (Sweden), Fujan Fahmi (Switzerland), Jandirk Hoekstra (chair, the Netherlands), Merle Karro-Kalberg (Estland) and Martina Princivalle (Italy).

We are calling for traditional landscape architectural projects as well as for the results of an expanding professional practice. We are looking for designed and constructed sites of all sizes, from regional scheme to residential garden, and at any place, from city centre to remote country. We are also interested in receiving strategic projects and research results (i.e. studies and spatial scenarios on climate adaptation, energy transition, agricultural transition, urban renewal, heritage development and infrastructure planning) in which the landscape architectural approach is predominant. We are looking for projects that redefine the playing field and scope of the creative practice, where society, politics, aesthetics, ecology and economy meet, at micro or macro scale, whether long term or ephemeral. LAE wants to explore how landscape architects in Europe are working and designing to sustain our beautiful planet and all life on it.

Landscape Architecture Europe (LAE) is a foundation that seeks to enhance the dialogue in landscape architecture on a European level by publishing a triennial yearbook. Produced for the LAE Foundation and the European branch of the International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA Europe), the books aspire to be the definitive critical review of the state of the art of European landscape architecture. 

Published on May 8, 2023

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