Calama’s Peri-Urban Park

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Location: Chile / Type: Parks / Playgrounds / Built: 2015 /
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The conquest of the desert.

This 6 km park circling the mining city of Calama seeks to retain and avoid generating dust from the driest desert in the world (The average rainfall is about 15 mm per year) while doubling the surface of green area per inhabitant. The park also seeks to retain and avoid generating dust from the desert, positively impacting the quality of life for residents.

The masterplan design includes the construction of shade, water wise landscaping strategies, pedestrian walkways and multi-use areas that allow the community to have new spaces for recreation.

Project Data

Architect: ELEMENTAL | Alejandro Aravena, Gonzalo Arteaga, Juan Cerda, Diego Torres, Víctor Oddó

Design Team: Janet Bacovich, Tomás Palmares, Claudio Tapia

Landscape:  Estudio del Paisaje Teresa Moller

Client: Municipality of Calama City and Coldeco Mining Company

Irrigation Project: Norte Verde
Energetic Efficiency: Genera 4
Water Treatment: Genera 4

Archeology: Nuriluz Hernandez

Location: Calama, CHILE

Area: 30.0-hectare Total | 4.6-hectare Part 1

Project: 2012-2014

Built: 2014-2015

Photograph Credits: @CODELCO @ELEMENTAL

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