A forgotten dumping ground for surplus fill material on the hilly Norra Stadsberget in Sundsvall got new meaning and function through a large-scale yet simple landscape design. The landscapes features are defined by the terrains falling movement and the magnificent view of the valley down to the stream Selångersån. Through soil modulation and a carefully placed concrete wall that leads to a big round platform, a place for contemplation and collective gathering is staged. The work examines the relationship between the landscape and a large-scale sculptural expression and is a collaborative project between Nivå landskapsarkitektur and the artists Hans Peterson and Mats Olofgörs.


Landscape Architecture: Nivå

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Artists Hans Peterson and Mats Olofgörs

Project Location: Sundsvall, Sweden

Design year: 2004

Year Built: 2004

Photography: Robin Hayes, Olof Thiel

Client: City of Sundsvall

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