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Built on Sugar – Park am Löbauer Wasser

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Location: Germany / Type: Parks / Playgrounds / Post-Industrial / Built: 2012 /
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The Park on the Löbauer Wasser River is the result of the transformation of a former sugar factory and derelict textile factories in the state of Saxony. It was completed in the year 2012 with the event of the Regional Garden Show. As this part of eastern Germany is suffering especially hard by the structural change of society and economics the park project was of particular significance as a flagship initiative.

Located on a plateau near the old town, the sugar factory towers above the valley of the Löbauer Wasser River. These industrial facilities occupy the plateau, incline and valley. The sugar storehouse and its impressive interior spaces as well as various other characteristic leftovers such as the sedimentation basins were kept as remnants of the local industry and set into a new context. The task at hand was to connect the (ab)used valley landscape with the “sugar plateau” and the old town. It has been reshaped to form a leisure and relaxation area, without hiding its history nor the traces and scars of its former use.

The idea for this challenging and diverse site was to create a new path connection—the mountain and valley promenade—to make the whole area accessible and link it with the surroundings. It runs down from the “sugar plateau” into the valley along the Löbauer Wasser River and on to the old town of Löbau. While the “sugar plateau” is transformed into a multi-functional place for local festivals and concerts the sensitively refurbished sugar storehouse provides space for indoor events.

The sugar plateau with the beet tower, right at the entrance of the horticultural show was designed as a large, open square. This is also the site of the “Sunken garden”, where sugar beets used to be preliminarily cleaned. Extending along the ‘Sloping copse’, a large symmetrical beech grove, the promenade proceeds down to the valley area where the former sugar beet washing setting pools were transformed into water gardens and play areas. The promenade then continues into the valley with quiet areas near the Löbauer Wasser until it opens up towards the Löbau meadows. The network of paths culminates at the transition to the historic quarters. Here the historical chalybeate spring is revived as a small iron streamlet.

The re-interpretation of this place opens up fresh perspectives of the well-known, making the leap from industrial to leisure landscape visible.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: hutterreimann Landschaftsarchitektur

Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Architecture: Thoma Architekten, Zeulenroda, Berlin
Site management for hutterreimann: Jörg Bresser, Berlin
Perennial Planning: Christian Meyer, Berlin
Structural Engineering: IBOS GmbH, Görlitz
Seasonal Show Planning: Orel+Heidrich Landschaftsarchitekten, Herzogenaurach

Year completed: 2012

Photo credits: ©Lichtschwärmer

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