Bruto landscape architecture recently lounched a new design trade mark BRUTOGOLF, which is dedicated to new and different golf course design. ”Designing golf courses is a challenge, both in formal as in conceptual sense. Especially, because we look at it from two angles, as landscape architects on one hand, and as golfers on the otherm hand. A golf course is a physical system, where a number of parameters are related to a complex whole. We believe that it is possible to create different, copyright courses, which are nonetheless playable, attractive and last, but not least well attended.

We believe that the courses all over the world are too similar; therefore we offer two alternative golf course designs. A more reserved one, where the golf course is more consistent with the space and takes into account local characteristics and landscape patterns, and a more daring one, where the courses are conceptually based theme parks.” Bruto

If you haven’t yet seen Bruto’s splendid General Maister Park, that we posted a few months ago, urgently click here.

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