The new Sky-Frame window company headquarters building is located the middle of the Thur plain, on the outskirts of the city of Frauenfeld, capital of the swiss canton of Thurgau. A brise soleil protects the south side of the building from direct sunlight. Horizontal “slats”, or long trays, extend across the entire south façade and define it. The brise soleil thus creates the main impression as one approaches the building: from the inside, the view is framed and to the outside the planted trays form the foreground of the view.

The vegetation of the brise soleil sets a delicate, flowery accent. This stands in strong contrast to the industrial and rather hard surroundings. Grasses, perennials with sturdy silhouettes and fine flower accents form together a meadow-like picture. Light enters the building through the fine structure as through eyelashes, and the backlighting of the vegetation creates a strong image.

For the 13 long trays, arranged horizontally one above the other on the façade, two types of vegetation were developed. Four levels have a high percentage of flowering perennials to set accents and divide the façade vertically. But the basic structure of the planters is created by six species of grasses, which form a finely varying curtain with their differing plant habits and leaf colours. The firm, dry stalks and flower heads have high aesthetic value also in the wintertime, and in interplay with fog and frost they create an interesting picture. A colourful mix of bulbs and tubers completes the planting scheme.

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Architecture: Peter Kunz, Winterthur

Project category: Vertical green, Industrial building

Project location: Sky Frame Factory, Langfeldstrasse 111, 8500 Frauenfeld (Switzerland)

Design year: 2013 – 2014

Year Built: 2014

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