Atelier LOIDL: As part of the Bergische Regionale 2006, the terrain underneath the Muengstener bridge was developed into a significant supra-regional excursion destination. The draft is based on the distinct examination of the existing landscape elements, the valley space and its traditional lot structure. Underneath the bridge, the area is pooled in an elaborate plain, implicating a scenic middle. This way, a strongly artistic reflection plain for the monumental clearance gauge of the bridge was generated. Sheltered from wooded hills and spanned by the bow of the Muengstener Bride, the bridge park Muengsten is the heart of the Bergische Regionale 2006 of Remscheid, Wuppertal and Solingen. The former tourism attraction had gradually lost its flair since the 1960s and had become more of a run-down parking site than an appropriate surrounding for the centennially „lying Eiffel Tower“. In a construction period of two years, the whole area has been converted into a parking landscape with high sojourn quality and acts as a reflection layer for the monumental lighting space profile of the bridge.

The generous grass landscape convinces in its geometric shape and distant singularity compared to the area of unspoiled nature embedding river and wood. Additionally, its open wideness creates space for manifold motional and occupancial possibilities. The whole park is barrier-free accessible. The Schwebefähre – exclusively designed for this bridge park – bestows the handicapped and the cyclists a unique experience when crossing the Wupper. The Muengstener Riddle designed by Studio Boehme invites the visitors to explore the secrets of the space. It is an artistic-poetical information system with huge accessible steel-plates. The park’s infrastructure including gastronomy, visitors information and facilities is bundled in the so-called village which is framed by historical buildings. Parking posibilities for visitiors can be found outside the area in a scenic situation.

Landscape Architecture: Atelier LOIDL
Location: Wuppertal, Germany
Area: 5 ha
Design: 2006
Nomination for the Urban Landscape Award 2006
Prize winner of the competition “Stadt bauen. Stadt leben.”

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