Bois-Badeau Park

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Location: France / Paris / Type: Parks / Residential Parks / Built: 2014 /
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A door to the Orge valley, and a heart of nature for the eco-district: In the extension of the countryside, three large fields slide into the town while overlooking at the valleys horizons. Paths with ditches draw the park’s structure by using the cropping pattern. To revisit the valleys transept from north to south, an orchard lies on the hillside where bushy woodlands follow the sinuous river. The large scale of the park is provided by experimenting with vegetation dynamics and by the archetypal shape of the arrangement.
Habitats present rich interfaces: ground and water, base of the habitat:
Under the anthropic and the water’s influence, ecosystems are declined into various stations. From west to east, the grassland evolves from a meadow to a lawn and then gardens. With it’s dry, fresh or humid habitats, the rivers oscillates between bright lawns and shady woodlands. The habitat conditions and their interfaces multiplied in the projet enable a rich biodiversity. The ea pedagogical role illustrated by a large endogenous plant selection.

Location: Bretigny-sur-Orge – Essonne (91), France
Completed: 2014
Area: 7 ha
Clients: SORGEM, (Maître d’ouvrage),
Landscape: HYL, Architectes, Paysagistes, Urbanistes + Arnaud Yver, Architecte +OTCI, BET VRD +Espacétude, agronomie du paysage + Dominique Feuillas, Ecologue
Budget: 4 337 618 Euros HT (parc + bâtiments)
Photos: Arnaud Yver

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