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Location: Amsterdam / The Netherlands / Type: Playgrounds / Sport & Recreation / Built: 2011 /
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Carve: The Bijlmerpark is the main park in Amsterdam’s Southeast district “Bijlmermeer”. This 1960s and 1970s modernistic suburb of Amsterdam, characterized by high-rise residential’s and disjunctive infrastructural networks for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists where services and facilities were few and far between, had developed numerous social problems by the end of the 1980s. Radical, integral restructuring process was initiated. The renewal of the Bijlmerpark is the final chapter in this process. A move from quantity to quality has become the policy for the redevelopment. Bijlmerpark was both to remain the main park in the built-up area and was identified as a new residential environment with a program of approximately 900 dwellings.

The main components are a park encircling a central sports facility and residential units along the flanks of the park. The concept reconfigures the spatial and social structure. The new housing is facing the park, providing eyes and ears on the park. The central position of the sports park keeps this facility within walking distance of the residents.
Sports and game esplanade The sports and game esplanade in the center of the park is implemented as a bypass of the main route: the circular pedestrian and bicycle park-route.
The esplanade embraces several elements: a ball court, the playing strip, the ‘king crawler’, a skate-park and a water and sand playground. The paved multi-sports court includes a stage and ball-catchers with ‘professional’ grade boulder-routes. A series of yellow frames on bright and sparkling pink safety surfacing makes the playing strip, containing different types of rope bridges and a zipline connecting to the ‘king crawler’.

The ‘king crawler’ structure is a multilevel playing wall that incorporates facilities for the playground manager and two public toilets. The playing strip is located at the foot of two rolling green hills with trees. On top of the hill a skate-park consisting of two connected pools is hidden, with banks and stairs coming down to ground-level again On top of the other hill one can find a water and sand playground, a colorful landscape for the youngest children with sandboxes and water-jets.

Urban restructuring Amsterdam Southeast
Designer/architect: Carve, in collaboration with Marie-Laure Hoedemakers
Carve team: Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Jasper van der Schaaf, Lucas Beukers
Project name: Bijlmerpark
Completion: 2011
Project location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Area: 8400m2
Photos & text: Carve

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