Bergstrasse Worpswede

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Location: Germany / Type: Parks / Streets / Built: 2012 /
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[f] landschaftsarchitektur: The special characteristics of the artist’ village are reflected in many places in Worpswede- back in the center between Findorff-, Hemberg- and Bergstreet they become more intense. For the visitors, this area represents a kind of “art island” that is to explore gradually. The three streets form the perimeter edges of the island. The outer intersection of the islands is of particular importance. Here, the design envisages structural additions: prestigious buildings that mark the entrance visually. Publicly accessible studio houses, workshops or galleries could arise here, representing the artist’s village in a contemporary, regionally inspired architecture.

Besides the additions to the building entrance areas are also being developed in the new space. By three square-like designed roundabouts, traffic is decelerated and the entrance clearly marked. As art district the Bergstrasse in the future forms the backbone of the district. From here, the individual exhibition halls are connected and the artists’ village can be explored. The Bergstraße is developed following the “ shared space principle”, which aims at decelerating the traffic flow. The travel corridor is marked discreetly by the alignment of drainage channels and separate material joints (“line edges”). Except for that, there is no need for further signs and limitations in the traffic area. The draft provides for an entirely new organization of the central car park. By arranging a incised parking area the functional and green embossed areas are interlinked – the park is routed up consistently on the Bergstraße. The generosity of the open road space is supplemented and structured by the old tree population. Also along the edges there is a flexible space design. Depending on the local situation frontage areas can be integrated to buildings or recessed. The art mile is therefore not a straightforward “catwalk” and is rather interwoven with the locality. The “Philine-Vogeler-Haus” is of a special significance, which is further emphasized by the spatial configuration of the central square. A place of communication and dialogue arises that centres around a ground level water basin.

Landscape Architecture: [f] landschaftsarchitektur gmbh, Bonn, Germany
Project name: Bergstrasse Worpswede
Location: Worpswede, Germany
Completion date: 2012 (BA1), 2013 (BA2)
Area: 24.700m2
Cost: 4.375.000€
Client: Municipality of Worpswede
Photographer: Thomas Langreder, Hannover

2 thoughts on "Bergstrasse Worpswede by [f] landschaftsarchitektur gmbh"

  1. mark says:

    Can anybody identify the supplier of the Klinker brick paving on this project?

  2. the manufacturer of the klinker is wittmunder torfbrand.

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