Nivå landskapsarkitektur: Liljeholmskajen (The Liljeholmen Quay) has been developed from an old industrial harbour to a dens residential area; an extension of the central city of Stockholm. The site is located between the lake Mälaren and a cliff. The residential building Berghus 4 connects to a local square in the north, and a 20 meters high cliff in the south. The courtyard is basically a vertical shaded gap, between the building’s façade and the mountain face and measures 6 x 45m.

The design of the courtyard was based on four main principles:

  • Creating a lush view for the residentials.
  • Dramatize the extreme conditions of the narrow, vertical and shaded space.
  • Creating a contrast between the richness of perennial greenery and the strict architectural framework in galvanized steel.
  • Enhance the vertical structure by lighting design.

Location and function

The shady location of the courtyard leads to the conclusion that the site will not be used on an everyday basis by the residentials. There are also far more appealing sites to use nearby, like a large hilltop park and the sunny quay. This leads to the need for the courtyard to be an appealing view for the residentials. The ground floor apartments have wooden terraces, a couple of benches are placed surrounded by greenery and some activities for smaller children, like a sandbox, are integrated in the system.

Material and design

Only two materials are used for the build structure of the courtyard, galvanized steel and wood. A floating wooden walkway zigzags through the outstretched yard, starting in the west, passing by the public entrance in the middle and ending in the east with a small playground. Two ventilation systems and traces from the former industrial use are hidden behind trellis covered with green climbers like vines and Dutchman´s pipe.

The greenery contrasts to the simple and strict design and creates a tropical atmosphere during summer and dramatic colour changes in the fall. During the dark part of the year galvanized bollards and floodlight on the steep mountain creates a dramatic scenery, underlining the name of the building “Berghus 4”.


Landscape Architecture: Nivå landskapsarkitektur

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Lighting consultant PQR Mattias Wennberg

Project location: Stockholm, Sweden

Design year: 2016-2017

Year Built: 2018

Photography: Robin Hayes

Client: JM AB

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