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Bengbu Longzi Lake Bridge Park

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Location: China / Type: Bridges and Piers / Parks / Waterfronts / Built:
Show on Google Maps / Published on March 29, 2013

AECOM: Bengbu City lies in the northern part of Anhui Province, China. In the western part of the city, the government has begun to implement an extensive plan for development of new residential, commercial, and tertiary education facilities arrayed around the Longzi Lake Scenic Area. Recognizing the enormous potential value of an attractive lakefront image for the city, the State Land and Planning Bureau for the New Town Comprehensive Development Zone of Bengbu commissioned AECOM to help articulate this vision into a comprehensive master plan for the entire 3890 ha Longzi Lake Scenic Area. Following completion of the master plan, AECOM was given a further commission to complete detailed design for the West Bridge Park.

The West Bridge Park occupies a strategic focus point on the western shore of Longzi Lake. The task is to create a signature lakeside park that captures the culture, history, and future vision for Bengbu as an aesthetically, environmentally, culturally, and economically prosperous lakefront city, as well as to create an active urban waterfront park that encourages interaction among people, and between people and nature. Successful development of this park will provide a benchmark for the future phases of Longzi Lake and adjacent urban areas. The programs consist of a revitalized beach, floral gardens, urban amphitheatres, and multipurpose lawns.

The design process emphasizes features that give Bengbu and Longzi Lake a clear and distinct identity. Important components include: minimizing earth-working to preserve the original land form; utilizing a low-impact design to reduce and filter the storm-water runoff entering Longzi Lake; selecting locally appropriate species that fit the climate and soils of Bengbu as well as providing habitat for birds, fish, and insects; reducing the irrigation and maintenance costs; and drawing on local traditional methods for the structural design.

Masterplanning Landscape Architecture + Urban Design: AECOM
Location: Bengbu, China
Client: Bengbu Longzi Lake Development Office
Photos: (c) AECOM Photography by Dixi Carrillo

One thought on "Bengbu Longzi Lake Bridge Park by AECOM"

  1. Paul says:

    Love the bamboo garden images – are those mist fountains hidden in there or just morning mist (or pollution?) Image two looks like the most uncomfortable stairs to walk up, sit on, etc. especially with what looks like a field of struggling, almost dead, new trees. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them to make it.

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