Marte – Elegance and Majesty

What can help make surrounding landscapes and outdoor walks pleasantly inspiring? Having beautiful planters that beautify our cities, our daily walks, and our always feeling safe.

The pandemic made everybody realize how great it is to spend some time outdoors in the cities. With this, we believe that urban design is essential to redefine public spaces, create pedestrian areas and limited access zones for cars, and transform cities into welcoming places for all citizens.

And if you’re someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, it’s no surprise that you’ve come across a number of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. With that, Bellitalia also wanted to do its part by giving a collection of beautiful planters because we need more flowers in our cities, all over the world.

The planters in our Pianeti collection are equipped with a water reserve system, overflow drainage, and a hole for the passage of electrical and/or hydraulic systems. Each planter is equipped with three brackets for handling with bands or chains, made of reconstituted natural marble stone or white granite and polished or bush-hammered finish.

They have various sizes and thanks to this they allow to enrich every surrounding space of cities around the world with pretty plants and flowers, filling the streets with colors and scents. To also ensure a longer life span of plants and flowers, all our planters Bellitalia and this collection, have an overflow drain and a water reserve system to ensure a mutable beauty in time.

Resist the winds of time. Since the world’s first iconic concrete structure was created, it has inspired the artwork of permanence and timeless, bold beauty. With each piece, Bellitalia strives to follow the same principles of classic beauty.

Specifically, in this collection, the Marte product was used to create elegant walkways in Stockholm as they are installations that are both majestic and elegant. They definitely make a bold statement in any location. As you can see at the Shopping Mall 73 port in Stockholm, you can find four sizes of planters of unparalleled beauty.

Published on November 25, 2021

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