The Doha Metro and The Volta Collection

Bellitalia has found a great challenge, that is to furnish the interior and exterior spaces of what could be the greatest public works under construction (2019), we are talking about the 36 stations of Doha (Qatar).

The choice of Doha was to open at the same time all the 36 stations present along the 76 kilometers of the four lines and then have them all ready at the same time. A project of great importance both in terms of dimensions and therefore the quantities of elements to be inserted, both for the scope of ideas and applied design.

This urban furniture has been conceived specifically for these stations and it was thought based on minimal but effective lines, it is a pure and essential design able to give voice to the majesty of the building itself. Volta Collection, this is the name of the collection that encompasses all the modules designed for this project, a collection that was designed based on the primary idea of “combination” and “customization”. Alternatively, it is a series of modules from the Volta Collection.

This is a fundamental question that of the concept of module in urban furniture, since it must be able to compose different forms and change its appearance, while maintaining a strong and clear identity.

For the Volta benches combinations, designed by C + S Archiytects and made in the prestigious reconstituted natural marble stones (White Carrara), we used different compositions but maintaining a great aesthetic uniformity.

The bench finished on the edges and in the curves with manual polishing, it was designed taking inspiration from the external architecture of the stations, which have a “vaulted” structure, a shape that was taken up in the base of the bench.

This choice as well as being a strong aesthetic appeal able to combine architecture with urban furnishings, allows for greater stability and helps to lighten the load on the ground.
Another interesting detail is the colored lacquering, which identifies the underground line of each of the stations: red, green and gold.

This is a great collaboration that has given the company the opportunity to get involved by creating a new design formula and then having to apply it to the material in large dimensions.

Published on July 22, 2019

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