Bellamy Park

OKRA: Bellamy Park is located by the harbour of Vlissingen where the Merchant Harbour once stood. Bellamy Park and the Ruyter Square regain a new relationship with the old ports. The Ruyter Square will be slightly raised with sitting stairs at the Fisheries Harbour. The space is organised as a large terraced area, with a slightly recessed centre which rises slowly, with a access for vehicles and an avenue of trees on the west side. The slightly sunken centre offers space for events and doesn’t need to be literally green. To make the place also attractive in the evening a lighting plan was made by Guillaume JÈol for the area. OKRA has given all to translate the more abstract vision into a wonderful plan for everyone.

Realisation: Bellamy Park realised (2011), stage 1
Landscape Architecture: OKRA
Location: Vlissingen / The Netherlands
Initiator: Municipality of Vlissingen
Budget: 3.6 million Euros
Area: 2.5 Ha

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