BC2 is a firm specializing in urban planning, environment and strategy. Our team includes over 100 professionals and technicians, who are experts in their fields.


Who we are

Founded in 2010, BC2 is an independent, Quebec-owned firm, composed of more than 100 experienced professionals and technicians working in offices in Montreal, Quebec City, and Shawinigan. We have five core departments of expertise:
– Urban Planning
– Urban Design
– Landscape Architecture
– Environment
– Strategy


Our clients

Cities are forged in the relationship between the environment and its community, and between private and public initiatives. We take action at the core of these processes by proposing sustainable solutions that combine and harmonize the interests of everyone involved. By working with cities, public-sector organizations, developers, private companies, and non-profits, we cultivate a balanced, pragmatic and ambitious perspective on urban development.


Our philosophy

Our dynamic and adaptable organization enables us to approach each project with a fresh outlook and a total unified commitment. We encourage dialogue between disciplines and are able to devise innovative solutions as a result of this close collaboration. We not only meet our clients’ needs, but we discover new opportunities. As a result of our inclusive design process and follow-up procedures, our clients can execute ambitious and unique projects.


Our team

Arising from strong friendships and bold visions, our team is comprised of a unique mosaic of talents and know-how. Our expertise continues to grow with the experience gained from each and every new project.


Lanscape Architecture vision

We create unique landscapes and design exterior spaces through the union of culture and nature. From the initial concept to the execution plan, our projects become places that are harmonized with and integrated into their environments, whether they are rural or urban, a regional park or a local playground.



Inaugurated in 1905, Curé-Labelle Square is located in the historic heart of Saint-Jérôme. BC2 was given the mission to preserve and enhance its Victorian character. The challenge was to reinvent the square, while at the same time, restoring its splendour according to the style of the era in which it was built.

BC2 and its partners (CS Design and CDGU) carried out the redesign of Curé-Labelle Square with the upmost respect for its heritage character. The new design of the square is focused on the statue of Father Labelle as well as a monument commemorating the location of the first church in Saint-Jérôme; a wall illuminated by thousands of crosses. The landscape architecture design included the delicate work of restoring the pedestrian paths, preserving century-old trees, as well as updating the square’s urban furniture.

CITY OF SAINT-JÉRÔME | Québec, Canada | 2016



Located in Longueuil, the Agropur campus is a new complex which serves as a workplace for 950 employees. It has a LEEDMN SILVER certification and is entirely integrated into a nearby wooded area. BC2 developed an elegant and sleek concept, embodying the image of the company. The campus is a welcoming place, ideal for fostering relaxation and informal meetings for the many employees and visitors who come the site.

The campus has many integrated woodland paths interspersed with rest areas. The main objective of the project was to improve the daily work experience. Our design effort focused on the entrance and lobby, the cafeteria and conference room gardens, the play area adjacent to the daycare, as well as the parking lot and retention ponds. This project was realized in collaboration with Architex, Reliance, Agropur, CIMA+, NCK and bpa.

CITY OF SAINT-HUBERT | Québec, Canada | 2015



Inspired by games drawn on the ground by the school’s students, the schoolyard redesign needed to live up to the students’ aspirations, while also being functional, safe, sustainable, and easy to maintain. A palisade delineates the different areas of the yard to ensure for tranquility and privacy, and it also constitutes a key design feature of the site. The wooden structure has varied volumes as well as artwork of birds taking flight, a piece created by the students.

The BC2 design team also had to work carefully with the site’s particularities and features: forest cover with both natural and heritage value, an uneven topography which was subject to erosion and soil compaction, the small scale of the site, as well as its proximity to buildings. These numerous constraints became sources of inspiration and creativity over the course of the project.

Montréal | Québec, Canada | 2014

Published on May 28, 2018

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