The Allier river carries the wild values of the great geographical forces, the powerful landscape, of which we all dream.

Indissociable from its river, the historic city center of Moulins has gradually moved away from its water, cut off from the natural sense of a poetry and a moving landscape. The accumulation of infrastructures, eras, protections of a certain galloping urbanism, have hindered this simple reading of a river that made the history and the power of Moulins and distanced the two twin banks.

The challenge of the development project of the banks of the Allier is today to convene new landscape and urban forces in order to open up a new mental scheme of the banks’ landscape for all the people of Moulins.

At the end of a mission of guide plan led by the agency BASE and concerning the development of the banks of the Allier within Moulins Communauté, the project owner continues its reflection on the appropriation of the banks by proposing the redevelopment of a large meadow on the left bank close to the old center and the development of the old railroad in green way to connect the two banks of the Allier.

The redevelopment of the riverbanks is based on the theme of leisure and the creation of a swimming area. Attractive with its large wooden pontoons and its playground, the new centrality of Moulins Loisirs is respectful of its environment.

The Iron Bridge, a former railway structure, has been rehabilitated as a pedestrian promenade. Unusual objects punctuate the walk, such as the belvedere or the Nuage tower on the bridge, or this maxi-furniture, placed on the rails like an old railway car.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: BASE Landscape Architecture
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Artelia Ville et Transport + Artelia Eau et Environnement + L’atelier Lumière Pierre Nègre + Demain, architecture paysage + Quadric + Transitec + Naturalia + SENNSE
Project Location: city of Moulins, department of Allier in France
Design year: 2018
Year Built: 2019-2022
Photography: ©Demain, ©François-Xavier Gutton and ©ProUrba

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