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Balestrate Seafront

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Location: Italy / Type: Waterfronts / Built: 2013 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on December 5, 2014

AM3 Architetti Associati and Studio Cangemi s.a.s: The works concerning the layout of the Western seafront of Balestrate were carried out in an area that, although not highly anthropized, becomes very densely populated in the summertime for the strong tourist attraction due to the presence of numerous seaside resorts. The executive project and its realization aimed at the environmental redevelopment of existing public spaces, some of them falling within the SCI (Site of Community Importance) ITA 010018 ‘FOCE DEL TORRENTE CALATUBO’ (‘Mouth of the River Calatubo’). The plan, with small but significant changes to the state of the place, intended to preserve and enhance the landscape and the natural features of the site, mitigating the environmental impact of the road on the coast line.

The design focused on the creation of a promenade in straight contact with the beach, limiting the presence of artificial structures. The project intended to improve the environmental impact of the seafront road on the coast line and to favour a non-vehicular use of the site. All the works on the layout of the seafront were adjusted according to the principle of easy reversibility. The promenade paving was replaced by a covering of in-situ cast concrete with quarry aggregates and sand, which was then washed to bring the aggregates to sight. The access points to the sea were made easily practicable by the installation of walkways made of lamellar wood and stainless steel. In order to limit the impact of the works on the site, a ballast of local stone was laid, with the purpose of protecting the containing wall of the road from possible sagging, and defining in a more natural way the boundary of the beach.

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