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Autostadt, Wolfsburg

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Location: Germany / Wolfsburg / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Parks / Water features / Built: 2000 /
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In contrast to the layers of construction in the north and south, which are characterised by calm, structured linear aspects (Yin), the park emanates a lively, creative ambience (Yang). Based on the principle of a Japanese garden, the landscape is consolidated, rich in contrast, and figurative.

The very individually designed brand pavilions are situated in this landscape. The solitary alignment of the pavilions in the garden allow for a maximum development of the architecture. The landscape is the connective element. Due to the alternation of water and land, the strongest image that nature has to offer, it is possible to provide an excellent location for each pavilion.

The topography flows around the buildings, both incorporating them and demarcating them. The homogeneous plantings of pine trees with tall trunks strengthens the common theme of the park and disguises how close the buildings are to one another.

As the communication platform for the Volkswagen enterprise, the Autostadt in Wolfsburg makes the concern’s values, as well as all the different facets of the theme mobility, tangible under the motto “People, cars and what moves them”. The approximately 28 hectare park and lagoon landscape provides a setting for diverse attractions.

Since the opening of the Autostadt in 2000, WES has provided continuous support in the optimisation of the park for events, as well as the structural and landscape supplementations – always taking care to maintain the balance between architecture and landscape.


Client: Volkswagen AG and Autostadt GmbH

Project period: since 1997

Size: 280.000 m²

Award: 1.. Prize Competition 1997

Realisation: WES LandscapeArchitecture

Partner: HENN Architekten, Munich

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