Auteuil Race Course Park

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Location: France / Paris / Type: Parks / Sport & Recreation / Water features / Built: 2013 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on May 27, 2015

Péna Paysages: Rimbaud and Verlaine were not far from our minds when we imagined the great Auteuil promenade … After trying to bandage the wounds left by the storms on the Bois de Boulogne, we lay down on the grass. And we dreamed of horizons, above which would float large flying carpets where young and beautiful sportsmen would exercise in symbolic fights and combats.

Programme: To open up the race course to the city, and take back the central lawns for sports and leisure activities. Contradiction to resolve: A listed site in terms of a natural wood and the obligation to put sports grounds there. Organisational concept: The great Auteuil promenade is a 2 km long line that links the gates of Paris (Auteuil and Passy) through the heart of the wood, going under the racecourse. Technical concept: Artificial sports surfaces that are porous and look very like natural lawns. Stylistic concept: The « landscape blanket », a large blanket that bends with great flexibility to incorporate facilities, paths, buildings…

Project Name: Auteuil race course park
Location: Auteuil race course, Paris
(latitude: 48.853374 / longitude : 2.257597)
Client: Paris City Council
Completion: 2008-2013
Team: Péna Paysages (team leader), Frank Hammoutène, Robin, OGI, Sylvain Dubuisson, Light Cibles
Area: 12 ha
Budget: 17,15 M€

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