Atalaya Park

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Location: Spain / Type: Playgrounds / Residential Parks / Built: 2011 /
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G&C Arquitectos: The proposal, due to the requirements program of the Lemoiz Town Hall, provides a new and renovated image, with quality materials, reducing the repairs and needs in short and large periods of time. The aesthetic and functional parameters have been the guides for the project design, so that the best service is guaranteed without complicated systems and including future repair works.

The project looks for the priority of the pedestrian versus the vehicles respecting the preexisting ways and the real requirements of the urban situation and the access to the different houses and spaces. Therefore, there are different solutions depending on the specific characteristics of the street, resulting:

– Pedestrian streets and spaces:Atalaia Park-Square and the Jai-Alai Access
– Pedestrian and Vehicles Street: Atalaia Street and others

In order to prevent the vehicles from invading the pedestrian areas, without using steps or curb-stones, stainless steel stakes have been displaced.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: G&C Arquitectos (Jorge Cabrera Bartolomé, Marta González Cavia, Martín González Cavia )
Location: Arminza, Lemoiz, Bizkaia. Spain
Client: Municipality of LEMOIZ
Budget: 750.000 €
Area: 4.000 m2
Design: 2006-2007
Construction: 2010-2011
Image credits: G&C Arquitectos

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