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Urban Culture


True to our user-centered approach, we imagined Zenith. A complete system that is at the service of peaceful coexistence of uses in the heart of the city. The sleek, function-focused design exemplifies our commitment to democratic design. 


Zénith proposes a very rich grammar of implantation which makes it possible to modulate the pedestrian permeability and avoids repetitions. The alternation post / barrier creates visual breaths that preserve the aesthetic quality of the urban space imagined by the designers. 


The visual contrast between thermo-lacquered steel and stainless steel is not only aesthetic, it makes the Zénith posts and bollards sober and naturally compatible with the disabled person regulations. The remainder 40 cm from the low elements of the barriers and bike parks also ensures perfect detection with the blind cane. 


The Zénith system provides all the functions necessary for the development of the street to decrypt traffic, to guide oneself, to identify oneself … It also makes it possible to secure the danger zones (school exits, public transport stops, the height of fall more than 1m …) with modular barrier and guardrail elements channelling flows to pedestrian crossings. 


Developing the practice of the bicycle has a prerequisite: to treat the question of its parking. Zénith bike parks provide an answer and two solutions. Installed in the battery of 5 on the road, they allow, spaced of 1m, the parking of 10 bicycles in the place of a car. Their installation on the pedestrian space (sidewalk, path …) is just as simple respecting the rule of implantation of «2 times 1 meter». 

Published on November 22, 2022