Universal Docking Station / A Design for All

With the PRAGUE collection, we have discarded everything unessential. This collection brings garden furniture to the heart of the cities. Armchairs, benches and double benches of this line offer a simple and pure design which has resulted in better comfort and a more competitive price. Reinventing the public bench, PRAGUE brings a new universal dimension to public spaces.

The task was clear: create a stylish, robust, comfortable, versatile and economical piece of furniture. All these characteristics can be found in PRAGUE and make it the ideal answer to all public space designers’ issues like shape, use, quality and sustainability at an affordable cost. PRAGUE in essence, gives a tangible form to our work since 1987: the dedication to offering design for all. Simple and fine, this piece of furniture is also very discreet. It blends into its environment, adding value to the overall aesthetic of the layout and never conflicts with it.

The slight incline of the seat gives a very comfortable sitting position, a feature as distinctive as its design. PRAGUE is like a docking station for people to share, where they can recharge their batteries at their own pace. It is THE universal BENCH for all communities!

Published on November 20, 2023

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