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The Street Furniture Changes its Scale

As a passionate manufacturer of street furniture Aréa has been innovating for 25 years in the service of public spaces and their users. Guided by the conviction that the only social network of the future is «people», the company is driving forward the desire to offer as many people as possible a city in the form of a smile. Aréa is taking a significant step towards this today. After introducing the reclining bench into public spaces, the company now offers a range of 6 reclining benches and furniture with a double reclining surface. For a conviviality in XXL.

As if borrowed from the garden …: The introduction of the simple reclining bench into public space was a novelty 20 years ago. It made it possible not only to sit down but also to rest in the city. 

Going to the end of logic to find comfort in the urban environment, Aréa offers users a new service: Taking time out in the city, for two or more, on furniture that combines ergonomics, aesthetics, cleanliness and resistance. The «or more» is important because experience shows that this furniture encourages contact and sharing by creating micro-communities of a moment or a moment. «The development into the double reclining bench is a small revolution for design possibilities of public space.

And a response to the desire of users to find their appropriate space and spend time in the city. This basic tendency has been reinforced by the lockdown: The social being that people are, they increasingly express the need and desire to finally go out again, to meet, to communicate … This XXL furniture is a real contact accelerator and creator of social bonds. Are you lost in the city? Sit down on one of these pieces of furniture and let a fellow citizen or passer-by guide you and engage you in conversation,» explains Laure Boudou, owner and manager of Aréa.

Published on May 16, 2023

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