Roundly and Squarely

The design and manufacture of DAHLIA and LILAS is an unequivocal illustration of AREA focus on outlines. Square or round, those two litter bins use the right quantity of material: everything they are is enough. Their elegant and sober style is also virtuous, for it also means environmentally friendly and economically wise. Their design is a universal answer to the rising need for cleanliness in public spaces.

In an ever-densified city, where cars are less and less present, life thrives in public spaces: people read, eat, talk, drink, rest etc. Therefore it is not a surprise to see the need for clean street furniture rise in order to collect the litter created by those new practices. The simplicity of the DAHLIA and LILAS litter bins allows installations in large numbers while avoiding visual clutter and reducing costs. They are simple to use and install, they can be matched with any environment and/or street furniture. Being square, DAHLIA is absolutely ideal for continuous and aligned installations. Being round, LILAS will blend in discreetly with any curvy trail.

« It is one of COCO CHANEL’s famous quotes: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. Ever since the company’s origins, this quote has been leading our work. With their clean design, they are the answer to numerous and complex specifications: quick and effortless litter collection, prevention of theft and vandalism, quality, robustness… In order to fit the bill, they are equipped with AREA’s key characteristics (unique plastic inner buckets that cannot be used otherwise, keyless handling, etc.)

Multipurpose, DAHLIA and LILAS are available in two sizes 45L and 75L. They are also available with a selective sorting lid (standardized colour). “Whatever the colour, this lightly funnelshaped lid remains effortlessly clean. Parks, gardens, streets, squares…: these different places will benefit from the installation of those stylish, practical and reasonably priced litter bins.” (Laure BOUDOU, Managing Director)

Published on April 16, 2024

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