Augmented Reality: a New Dimension for the City

As passionate and tireless observers of the city, we have put on virtual reality glasses to «enrich» the user experience of citizens living in the public space. A kind of immersive experience where we would integrate into the scene the object that the situation draws hollow: tables, benches, seating banks, chairs, chaise longue, counters… To conviviality, we propose to add comfort, cleanliness and ergonomics.


Metal Strips System

After having given furniture in the public space the level of comfort, design and choice previously reserved for private furniture, we now want to see people take full ownership of their city.

Montreal chair and bench, Atlanta simple bench, Michigan chaise longue, Narcisse litter bin, Halifax leaning rail and Chicago Bench-Table are the elements of the Aréa connected system that allows the public space to increase the quality of life of our fellow citizens and become a “living room”.

The expertise we have acquired in the work and finishing of steel has led us to develop a true system based on «metal strips» which is beneficial to all our furniture and allows us to treat in a total aesthetic coherence all the needs of the city.

Steel is among the most durable materials because it is robust, infinitely recyclable and effectively recycled.  Strong, rigid and resistant, it is also easy to maintain, neat and clean thanks to powder coating. Worked in the form of strips, it dries very fast, which makes it usable quickly after rain.


Chicago Bench-Table

To meet the specific and untreated needs of the public space, we continue to develop objects that exist in the urban space but as elements of architecture, not furniture.

Just like the bench, formerly integrated into the architecture of the buildings, we ask to forget their original amphitheatre and to offer it today to the markets as independent furniture, writing its own history.  At the discretion of the user and the time, it will be alternately table, desk, bench, step, leaning rail … and will allow, to have a prolonged and comfortable break for lunch, work or read. In a quick and functional pause format, you will tweet or answer a call. This table-bench is no longer a UFO in the urban landscape as the users of the city were waiting for it unconsciously.

All the products of the system have pure, graphic and timeless lines, the Aréa metal system is part of a reality that lasts.

Published on April 13, 2022

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