Aréa, a Catalogue Like a Passageway

By publishing the fifteenth edition of its catalogue, Aréa is confirming its commitment to this resource dedicated to designers of public spaces. A gateway that links today’s timeless products with tomorrow’s unmissable ones, new products that are unfailingly faithful to the democratic design and values of the urban furniture creator.

A veritable brand laboratory and testing ground for the furniture of tomorrow, the catalogue not only provides solutions but also ideas. This edition confirms this, with more than 450 items featuring a mix of creations, timeless designs and new developments. Expanding the range of waste management equipment, developing the aluminium furniture offer, enlarging the range of compact furniture adapted to constrained environments (alleyways, squares, etc.): Aréa’s new products are always at the crossroads of the brand’s convictions and responses to the needs of designers and the expectations of users.

«Jean Giono said, «I know of no easier, more attractive, gentler reading than that of a catalogue». We share this passion for a medium that can be used to let your mind wander or to help you formulate an idea. In addition, the pleasure of the object and the sense of touch are in our DNA. Finally, contrary to popular belief, paper as it is produced today has a very low environmental impact compared to all-digital printing. Paper is therefore in harmony with our choice of materials for our furniture: steel and aluminium, which are recycled and recyclable, and wood, which is renewable. Committed to simple, fair and lasting convictions, our products offer public spaces greater tidiness, safety, comfort and conviviality, but also greater durability and simplicity…» explains Laure Boudou, Managing Director of Aréa.

Published on October 17, 2023

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