Atlantique Collection

manufactured by Aréa

“Faithful to our user-centered and social approach in the heart of cities, we launched Atlantique. This range of three models (sofa, chaise longue and backless bench) can be combined at one’s wish and allows the composition of sets which spontaneously generates dialogue … Another way to connect people together and create communities in a very real, spontaneous and natural manner.

The Atlantique range continues to explore the concept of outdoor living to find in the public spaces comfort, serenity and friendliness that one feels at home. With this philosophy, and trademark of the company, the Atlantique range adds scalability and freedom with possibilities of use “on demand”.

Atlantique allows one to sit, lie down, work, eat, doze, play, talk …

Our goal is to offer cities, furniture that is adapted to emerging urban uses which allow city dwellers to revitalize themselves. We developed, 15 years ago, a range of minimalist and exemplary furniture from a budgetary and environmental point of view: With the Atlantique range Aréa brings not only solutions but ideas. More than ever faithful to democratic design, without any equivalent, this seating range offers both a rich and simple vocabulary to allow the city to express all its desires.

Wherever it is installed, life seizes it in a fraction of a second to make it a peaceful point of social convergence. It is, in this, a small puzzle piece solution to a major stake of our society: the goodness of living together.”

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