Vache Noire

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Location: France / Paris / Type: Residential Parks / Roofs / Built: 2007 /
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Agence TER Landscape Architects: The ‘Vache Noire’ (black cow) is the traditional name for an area of Arcueil that is undergoing major redevelopment for commerce and housing. In addition to the overall infrastructure and development concept, there are two particular projects, a roof garden and an entrance square. This project creates a distinctive landmark: in the middle of the redesigned road layout, a fluctuating image of a black cow is projected onto clouds of mist. The image is contained within a framework of planting – 12 m high taxodium trees emerge from a rectangle of schist, the surface contained within cor-ten steel edges.

Created on the roof of a new shopping centre, the form taken by the future « jardin de ver(t) (s) (re) » expresses the complexity of what lies beneath. The roof is a vast folded surface (more than a hectare in area) which lifts up and breaks away in places, using protruding glass or technological features to create events, sculptures for both day and night. The emerging features, which incorporate functions such as ventilation shafts for the underground car park, are either planted with panels of suspended vegetation, or glass panels illuminated at night. The vast main central space is flat and easily accessible from the neighboring streets. Adjacent landforms, like folds in the roof, create a panoramic viewpoint to the south, and an embankment to the north.

Design Team: Agence TER Landscape Architects, BERIM Lead Consultants, Groupe 6 Architect
Project: A new commercial and residential area, including redevelopment of the ‘Vache Noire’ crossroad and shopping centre roof garden
Client: SADEV 94
Design & Construction: 2004 – 2007
Photos & text: Agence Ter

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