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Aqua Soccer and Dymaxion Golf, Hamburg

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Location: Germany / Hamburg / Type: Installations / Playgrounds / Built: 2013 /
Published on February 5, 2014

Topotek1: In 1933, the architect R. Buckminster Fuller created the Dymaxion World Map, a cartographic projection of the globe separated into polyhedrons, which can be unfolded into a two dimensional map. In 1954, at Lake Maggiore, the first standardized mini-golf course was opened, designed by the landscape architect, P. Bongni. The Dymaxion golf in the garden 73 is a remix: the Unfolded Dymaxion World is the support field for the mini golf game. Continents and countries are successively played and conquered. As with “big” golf, water traps create obstacles to the game. The folded triangles of the world map consist of reinforced, lightweight concrete stilts, hovering over the lawn area.

Soccer in a new environment. Lawn-field soccer is a fast game played on flat, rectilinear surfaces, with wide, straight shots made to opposing goals. Water on the lawn can create unintentional comic shots. In Garden 73 these conflicts become the central issues of the program: fast movements become a struggle, straight shots become difficult. Goals do not stand straight against each other – but are rather scored diagonally. The narrow area of the playing field becomes the center of the match and must be overcome in order to continue the fight for the ball and eventually score. The playing field is made of a simple concrete basin. The floor is covered with an elastic coating, which is roughened for friction. Flights of stairs serve as both viewpoints of the site, through its slight rising steps, and as a wide sitting area. To the south and west a fence to catch balls bounds the area, preventing them from leaving the playing arena.

Landscape Architect: Topotek1
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Completion: 2013

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