Applegarth Estate

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Location: South Africa / Type: Residential Parks / Wetland / Built: 2018 /
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Applegarth Estate, originally one of many small subsistence farms above Hout Bay, now comprises 30 residential erven surrounding a central wetland natural greenbelt. Nestled on the north-facing slopes of the Vlakkenberg Mountain Ridge, the development orients itself towards the breathtaking views of the pristine Orange Kloof Nature Reserve. Applegarth Housing Development embodies a contemporary approach to harmonizing with its beautiful and natural surroundings.

The landscape design philosophy meticulously considered the natural patterns of streams and existing tree lines, seamlessly incorporating them into the overall layout. The heart of the design revolves around the rehabilitation of a wetland area, creating an internal space with meandering paths that offer complete freedom to immerse oneself in the natural surroundings. Circulation routes and hard-landscaped elements were purposefully designed to respond to the natural character of Hout Bay, seamlessly blending with the modern architecture.

Natural stone paving and cladding elements, mirroring the colours and textures of the mountain stone, serve as feature elements, adding moments of surprise and delight throughout the development. Plant and tree choices align with the intended uses of various areas, ensuring street verges exhibit seasonal variety, and rehabilitated areas flourish with plants suited to re-created conditions, all indigenous and preferably endemic.

The user experience is integral to the design philosophy, emphasizing pedestrian movement and creating a synergistic whole between hard and soft landscaping. This unique and distinctive character defines Applegarth, offering an integrated experience with nature.

Envisioned as a reflection of the natural environment and Cape Mountain backdrop, the built environment of Applegarth Estate prioritizes an aesthetic that seamlessly ‘blends’ into its surroundings.

Project Data

Landscape Architects: Terra+ Landscape Architects

Information/Project team:

Contractor & subcontractors:
Architects: Craft of Architecture
Consulting Engineers – ICON Engineering
Landscape Contractor – Interplant
Townplanner/urban planner– Derek Chittenden – Bluegreen Planning & design

Major suppliers
Paving – Corobrik
Stone supply – Stone Age Construction

Project location: Cape Town, South Africa

Year completed: 2018

Photo credits: Jon Erik Munro Photography

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